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Colin M.
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Colin M. Noisy psychedelic rock of the highest order. Let the fuzz envelop you and take you away. Favorite track: A Five Year Illusion.
achilles ppk
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achilles ppk great songs, great production, great band! more catchy than the previous, also, excellent album... one of the best bands in salonika
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…feels like abduction? A recall on heavily distorted memories and elevation through the inward spiral. THIS IS NOWHERE. Not your average psyched up, noisy, fuzz-driven band. Mesmerizing vocal lines, groove inducing low-end, shattering guitar arrangements; Horizon expanding. You can’t fake passion but you can taste it.




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This Is Nowhere Θεσσαλονίκη, Greece

This is nowhere is a 4-piece, downtuned band from Salonica, Greece.
Since 2009, they're lost somewhere among psychedelia, blues, noise, the first Funkadelic album, experimental and desert rock (actually there is a small desert in Greece), delay, bass and more bass... ... more

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Track Name: Fake It
the sun is up and i'm still down. i'm lost and once again i'm found. how to sleep? how to turn off all the truth? how to turn a thorny noise to something smooth? i wanna make it, just like you've made it. i wanna fake it, but we're not the same. you know we're not the same. a boy in his 30s still waiting to be a man, under his pillow he's got a gun. and every night his muted shots to the empty side of his bed.. they can be heard down here babe, deep inside my head. i wanna make it, just like you've made it. i wanna fake it, but we're not the same. you know we're not the same.
Track Name: Burn The Line
we're going way down, baby and it's gonna be fine. down there they're high on violence. down there love is a crime. and it's gonna be fine. i said it's gonna be just fine, as long as i'm yours, as long as you're mine. mine! now who said we can't groove there, where all our dreams are crushed? nothing can keep us clean from the noise, from the dust. and it's gonna be fine. and it's easy to choose. we've got nothing to loose, babe. we've got nothing to loose. and as the dance burns wilder, we know we'll kiss the ground. so, will you turn to light babe if i will turn to sound? there will never be any end. and it's gonna be fine. we've just burned the line.
Track Name: Thiefall
i steal a little piece of nothing every time. (it's all gone now, babe)
Track Name: A Five Year Illusion
i've packed my things, split up our records, split up the books and split the road. we used loose us holding hands but now, we're going nowhere on our own, tightening the noose. we've got everything to loose. we're going nowhere on our own. inside your slammer baby, lies an endless summer but, we're going nowhere on our own. i'm drunk again. i'm moving backwards. you're safe enough just to be saved. i'm just a guest here and so are you and we're going nowhere on our own. roll off the truth. deny reproof. we're going nowhere on our own. it's all so clear, my shame, your fear. we're going nowhere on our own.
Track Name: Everything
words fail me, as i watch you disappear. where the water meets the sun boy, see your anger dressed in fear. as the night falls you can hear her. see her eyes, they're burning like stars. (she'll say) you can keep me as gift babe, or you can keep me as a scar. i'm losing you and the horizon. does it feel good? does it hurt? drowned from the noises deep within; they're keeping you 'way from the dirt. i guess you're with her now and floating and spiral kissing endlessly. you're fuel for dreams, narcotic dust for the lost angels. you're everything we'll never be.
Track Name: Lies
i can't help thinking. and how to clear the tune? major or minor? grave or cocoon? a small false step, the pain is near. just one more false step and the pain is here. girl have mercy, make me feel fine. your lies all i need. i can't help drinking and it's all your fault. another burn to smooth the lies I bolt. girl have mercy, load me faster. your lies all i need. so here we go again. no clues. no words. you know your moves, babe and i know my chords. you'll fuck me up, then you'll be sorry your love is a mess. your love is gory. girl have mercy, kill me faster. lies..